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Although many of our rights have slipped away in recent months, this is still a democracy. The government is still us, and we better start acting like we're in charge.

"Gramma B" and "Bampi" running hard in 1932



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Declassed gentleman. Born in Washington, DC, 1946 into family that is no stranger to public service: Grandmother Martha Brookings, State Legislator, Massachusetts and GOP candidate for US Congress in 1932; Robert Brookings founded the Brookings Institute; Grandfather Walter Brookings served in the Hoover administration; Mother Mary Imrie, long time Christian Science practitioner, served on the Margaret Chase Smith for President Committee during the 1964 GOP convention; Father Walter Imrie, careers in aviation, small manufacturing, real estate; a town trustee in Oak Brook, Illinois, saw to it that even though I may have been born on third base I could never assume I hit a triple.

Reinventing Democrats

Brothers, John Brookings and Gordon MacDonald, jock-scholar-gents at Stanford and Harvard were as much an influence as my folks. Gordon and Margaret are in real estate in Illinois and raising another three renaissance Imrie brothers. The family was gutted in 1969 when John drowned, tangled in a rope in the hydraulic hell of the rapids of the upper Arkansas River. Time, family and the river endure?


Colorado River, base of Lava Falls, God's Gulch, Golly Gully, Grand Canyon Huckleberry

Curtis Imrie's politics were shaped in the stuffy, stodgy, solid conservation halls of Washington, DC's National Geographic and the Smithsonian. Interest in drama, film and the underdog started at L'ecole Nouvelle de Paudex in '57 watching my roommate's father, Charlie Chaplin, in his silent movies doing battle as The Tramp versus Goliath in Lausanne, Switzerland's movie palace.'59 to '64 Exeter and Westminster Schools. Star BoyScout, Troop Leader, N.R.A. Sharpshooter Award Recipient. Been keeping extensive journals since 1963; helps powers of observation. Years of tedium and melodrama. A helluva memoir in there somewhere. Fulton County {Atlanta} Invitational Wrestling Champ 63-64 '68 Graduate Northwestern University; wrestled 4 years in the Big Ten & 4 years and for the San Francisco Olympic Club. Last Lap running club (SF). In'67, rode a Triumph single-carb across Europe to see the cradle of theater, Stratford to Athens, Paris to Edinburgh. I've been on the road ever since then to see for myself what kind of society we live in and to experience things I don't know about. I found out that it's worth it to say what you believe in and fight for what you say ... that change is necessary and that change can occur. Military - 1968 tried to enlist, classified 1Y medical; Married - Nope, tried 1988-Oregon City -End of the Oregon Trail; Divorced 1989. Kids - not yet.. Senator-at-large Western Colorado Congress.(A grassroots, democratic organization dedicated to challenging injustice by organizing people to increase their power over decisions that affect their lives.) 1995-2003. 1979-Ran the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon in a Red Shank. Scholarship Colorado Water Workshop, Western State College, '94.

Spine of the Nation - Continental Divide - Monarch, Colorado
W.C.I. Sr. and Jr. -- Born 9/18/21 and 9/18/46
Cantankerous. Dad took his last "run" on 7/22/04.

Based at the end of a dirt road in the Four Elk drainage surrounded by public (your!) land in the upper Arkansas River watershed at the base of 14,073' Mt. Columbia, Colorado, since 1967; subsistence rancher; 3-time World Champion Pack Burro Racer (30-mile high altitude man and burro race); Bred, raised and trained '97,'98 and '03 Champion, National Western Stock Show (preserves the Western lifestyle by providing the agricultural industry through its emphasis on education, genetic development, and offering the world's largest marketing opportunities: the Super Bowl of stock shows), also Champion '98 Yearling Mule & '98 National Mule/Donkey Show in Pueblo. A corral-centered life. In the raw and wind-swept high country, I live as my burros live often running free, beyond the boundary, the fences, and I work outdoors most of the day. I'm active in a beautiful environment and at the bottom rung of the stock market. The downside is being on call for loose birthing stock and often harsh climate. My half wild pack started with one jack-ass and one jenny-ass. It's partly about adrenalin. When my mammoth burros win at the shows or the races, the exhilaration is unbelievable. It takes an instinctive feel for what the animals are trying to tell me. If there's a secret with donkeys and people, it's trying to make it easy for them to do the right thing and difficult to screw up. I wouldn't trade the process for anything.

Have run every Grand Slam Burro Race since 1973. Explorers Club, New York City 1978. Jail Committee, Chaffee County Colorado 1997 - Charter Member, Action 22. Club 20. Board of Directors, Western Organization of Resource Councils, Billings, Montana 2000-03. (A network of grassroots organizations from seven states that include 8,250 members and 46 local community groups: helps its member groups succeed by providing training and coordinating regional issue campaigns.) Will James Society, Billings,MT

Waymore B. Democrat

Charter member Film Arts Foundation, San Francisco. Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, Leadville chapter; Founding male member of the Upper Arkansas Valley League of Women Voters (Provides information on voter turnout, civic participation and current public policy issues) Maverick among mavericks Mediamaker/Actor - award winning projects. Community Activist. Catalyst/host/sparkplug on Democrat Hour on KVRH Radio Show (1994-2000) Vice Chairman, Chaffee County Democrats 1994-2000; Board of Directors KHEN Radio '03 - present (regular contributor to Tuesday, 5:00-6:00 pm 106.9 FM, Poetry and Stories HourSpokesman, Friends of the Arkansas River. Stakeholder, Colorado Healthy Communities Initiative; Supplier, Angelview Therapeutic Horsemanship program. Democratic Nominee, Colorado State Representative, 1994. Marathoner (2 hours 40 minutes best (Oakland, 1984) and Boston three times; have seen "America first" on the run, in marathons in just about every major city, including New York, Denver, Seattle, Pikes Peak, Chicago, Dallas, LA, Atlanta, Tucson, Las Vegas, Albuquerque, Pueblo, Omaha, Kiluea Volcano Wilderness Marathon, Wild, Wild West-Lone Pine and San Francisco); finished Leadville 100-mile trail run twice; vintage motorcycle buff.Tireless campaigner for economic populist causes and independently made and financed movies (Within the feature film lies the true heartbeat of American society. Movies have been the shared cultural tradition of the people of this country, reflecting our needs, interests, our values and hopes, as well as our fears and our anxieties.)... and better global, sustainable, renewable engines of work - Donkeys ... also the "preachment of universal kindness."



2000 and 2002 Democratic Nominee US Congress, Colorado 3rd and 5th Congressional Districts.
Undemocratic gerrymandering keeps moving my "home" district around. Why can't it just be by bioregions or nonpartisan review boards? But No-ooo. Undemocratic power grabs that simply ratify incumbents in essentially choiceless elections and little accountability are still in the works in Colorado. The voters lose and the incumbents almost always win. They are rigging democracy. U.S. Senate, Governor and county commissioner seem to be the "fairest" races. It hurt to lose the Rep runs, but it would have hurt even more to not be good enough to get into the general election as the Democratic nominee.
The races for Colorado State Representative and U.S. Representative were largely symbolic. It's like the old Soviet Politburo; 99% of all multiterm incumbents win. These folks leave when they want to leave. They have a better chance of dying in office than being driven out. The Wall Street Journal says the incumbency protection racket has made only 11 out of 435 seats competitive. The campaign finance system is totally corrupt. The legalized bribery campaign system that rigs elections is basically a tar baby. We would probably have a more truly U.S. representative Congress if we selected our Congressmen by lottery.
Big money has turned "the peoples' house" into a bawdyhouse. Designer district 'redistricting' has made demographics become political destiny and congressional elections mostly a matter of ratifying incumbents. "Nothing is changed since Mark Twain reminded us that Congress is our only truly criminal class of citizens. They have constructed their own game of canasta in which earth herself is scarcely a dominant factor." Jim Harrison. The House is now even more uncompetitive, sclerotic and a collection of the spineless led by the cynical. Consciousness remains the only aristocracy. Together perhaps we can improve things and empower and inform workaday Coloradans. Still have a few "bullets" left for the causes of vanishing democracy and good arts.

Plans for silver fox geezerhood:
# To be of use.
# Hermitage at Little Menokin Ranch with my donks.
# Quiet writing of old age - a memoir to expand on the partly autobiographical, partly fictitious, all effectively true "Kid Colorado"

Pueblo, Colorado - Labor Day weekend 2000

Laredo L. and Peckinpah L. Democrat

2005 World Champion Pack Burros. 29-mile and 15-mile course. Hal Walter and Dave TenEyck were their partners.

Curtis Imrie
Little Menokin Ranch
Granite, CO 81228-2141
Phone & Fax: 719-395-8065

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There must be a long distance runner for liberty, social, economic and environmental justice for all.
This isn't been about me. It's the challenge, the emergency, facing our vanishing democracy. "... Who gave us permission to live this way? Nobody did. We did. And that's the way it should be - only more so. The best cure for the ills of democracy is more democracy." Edward Abbey

Central Colorado goes to the mean streets of San Francisco

1980 World Champion pack burro, George Washington "Hayduke"
(former wild BLM burro) & partner finished in the top 200
out of 85,000 runners in the 74th Annual San Francisco "Bay to Breakers" in the feature film The Lost Frontier

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